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Our Home Selling Process


Your agent will prepare a detailed analysis of recent sales, current competition and market factors to help determine the best possible list price for maximum return.


Having completed hundreds of real estate transactions year after year, we have learned the secrets to making your home stand out from the crowd. Presenting your home to the market – and your future buyer – involves things like thoroughly cleaning, making minor repairs, and staging – as well as knowing how to make your home get noticed online. Your agent will review your property and offer professional advice.

Internet Marketing

Today, almost 90% of buyers conduct their own online home search. To ensure your home is noticed by the largest number of potential buyers, we use innovative internet marketing techniques to push your listing to popular real estate sites across the web. The Sowell Group’s online marketing skills are unmatched in the area and guarantee your home’s maximum marketing exposure.

Traditional Marketing

Time tested sales techniques still play an important part in our effort to market your home. We employ professional photos, branded yard signs, gorgeous flyers and old fashioned word of mouth to maximize your home’s total marketing exposure.


Every visitor to your home is your potential buyer (or someone who can influence your buyer), so making it easy for people to see your home and making it look great for every single showing really does matter. We’ve actually seen a seller lose a buyer because of the cleanliness of the home during an inspection! We know it’s hard, but if you want to sell your home, make it easy to see and make it look as much like a model home as possible…every day.


The difference between a rookie agent and a skilled expert could mean thousands of dollars either lost or gained during contract negotiations. For best results, hire the experts at The Sowell Group.


If your team of professionals—particularly a REALTOR® and your lender—have been providing you with good service throughout your home search, you should be well-prepared for settlement. Essentially, settlement day involves the formal, legal requirement of transferring ownership from the seller to you.